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Repair Concentrate

The application of Repair Concentrate deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair, leaving it silky and extra-smooth

  • Product Code: LMKTCR8X8
  • Price: $ 71.50
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Conditioning Fluid

Apply Conditioning Fluid after shampooing to nourish hair and make it easy to disentangle.

  • Product Code: LMKTRCF10
  • Price: $ 29.50
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Revitalizing Shampoo

Wash the hair with Revitalizing Shampoo to prepare the hair and the scalp for the treatment.

  • Product Code: LMKTRS10
  • Price: $ 24.10
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Repair Gel

Restores the hair fiber by sealing the ends.

  • Product Code: LMKTSER10
  • Price: $ 44.90
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Nourishing Mask

Nourishes and hydrates the hair and the scalp. Non-greasy.

  • Product Code: LMKTRM8
  • Price: $ 37.00
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