Keratin & Texture Treatments

Brazilian Keratin Treatment starting at $335
This keratin service is used to remove frizz and leave your hair shiny and smooth. Depending on texture and density of hair, this treatment may reduce curl pattern. Results last up to 3 months. 2 1/2 hour service.

Keratin Express starting at $140
This keratin treatment is used to remove frizz and smooth hair. Results last up to 4 weeks.
1 hour 15 minute service.

Hair Relaxer starting at $145
This service is a permanent treatment used for anyone looking to loosen curls and straighten hair.
2 1/2 hour service.

Design Perm/Body Wave starting at $135
This permanent treatment creates body by reforming the structure of the hair creating a new curl pattern.
2 1/2 hour service.

A complimentary consultation is required to determine which treatment suits you best.

Our Level System

Our artists/technicians work on a European Level System, which measures experience and years of dedication. Price will increase due to Level.