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European Massage starting at $110

Also known as the Swedish massage, this traditional massage will provide you with overall mind and body relaxation using light massaging techniques to de-stress your spirit. Perfect for a first-time massage.


Deep Tissue Massage starting at $130

Deep tissue massaging movements are slower and deeper with added pressure to reach specific areas in need of relief. This therapeutic massage is ideal for anyone with a sport or back injury to help target and knead out pain or tension.


Prenatal Massage starting at $110

This specialized therapy is designed to target the needs of an expectant mother. Our Certified Prenatal Massage Therapists, position and support the mother’s body to achieve maximum comfort during the massage. This is a very light massage. Must be past first trimester.


Warm Stone Massage starting at $130

This therapeutic massage incorporates warm stones to melt away tension and increase energy flow in the body. The heated stones extend the work of the hands to warm up muscles and relieve tightness.


Stress Eliminator $200

De-stress your body and mind with the ultimate duo. A combination of warm stones and deep tissue techniques loosen the muscles to relieve all tension and stress from the body. 80 minute service only.


Sports Massage $185

The muscles are first warmed up followed by a combination of stretching and breathing techniques, used to relieve any muscle tension or tightness.80 minute service only.


Energizing Leg and Foot Treatment starting at $110

This leg and foot massage incorporates CURES® Anti Fluid Gel to reduce water retention and swelling. Contains menthol to cool and refresh.


Aromatherapy Massage starting at $115

Aromatic essential oils are combined with our European body massage to balance, harmonize and promote the health of the body, mind and spirit.


50 Minute Couples Massage starting at $250

50 Minute European Massages


80 Minute Couples Massage starting at $340

80 Minute European Massages

All express services are 20 minutes.

Scalp & Eye Massage $65

Relieves pressure and excess fluid associated with sinus conditions, puffy eyes and headaches.


Upper Body Massage starting at $65

Alleviates tension from the body’s most stressed areas including the back, neck and shoulders.


Deep Tissue Massage Upper Body starting at $75

Medium to firm pressure to reduce tension in troubled areas.


Reflexology $75

Pressure points on the feet are manipulated to revitalize the body and relieve tension.


Foot Massage starting at $65

European massage techniques are used to target tired, achy feet.

All massages are 50 minutes. Add 30 minutes onto any massage service for an additional $40. Prices listed are at level 1 and increase $5 per each additional level. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to all spa services. As a mandatory NJ state law, an additional 7% state tax will be added to all massage services. All massage services include use of our locker room and steam showers.