Travel Hair Dryer

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The ECRU New York Travel Hair Dryer is a sleek, powerful blow dryer utilizing patented Japanese Ion

Technology for fast, frizz-free drying.

This compact, technologically-advanced hair dryer dries hair from the inside out, sealing in essential moisture for fast drying and smooth, shiny style. Its unique light-weight, folding design makes it simple to pack or store and its dual-voltage capability effortlessly adjusts the drying power to meet the needs of the international traveler.

  • Patented Japanese Ion Technology: Dries hair from the inside out to infuse it with moisture, restoring luster and reducing frizz and flyaways
  • Far Infrared Technology: Dries hair faster
  • Special Ion Infused Nozzle: Releases heat vacuum to prevent damage to hair
  • Dual-Voltage: Adjust drying power to meet European and American requirements

As a bonus, it comes with a free full-size Silk Nectar Serum for weightless silky, smooth style

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Product Video

Our Beauty Experts shows you how to use the product

  • Adjust the voltage switch to the correct country's voltage.
  • Separate hair into small sections
  • Hold section 2/3 of the way down and pull taut.
  • Press the power switch to select air speed. Aim dryer downward over each section until it is 70-90% dry.
  • Using a round bristle brush, brush through each section part of the way down and hold it there very taut. Aim the dryer downward and follow the brush as it pulls all the way through to smooth and finish drying hair
  • To lock in style, use the Cool Shot switch and blow hair all over with cool air.
  • Always turn off the dryer before removing the plug.