• Is there a private area or will I be serviced in the salon?
    • Here at DePasquale we respect your privacy and have created a space especially for you.

  • Will it be obvious that I am wearing a wig?
    • With today's lace fronts and monofilament caps, no one will be able to tell the difference.

  • What kind of style should I get?
    • People want styles that aren't that different from their own color, density and length. We find the density factor is a major component in finding a style that feels like you. If your natural hair is thin, you won't feel comfortable with a thick, heavy head of hair, and visa versa. We recommend the purchase of two wigs so that you may alternate having them cleaned and styled.

  • What is a Raw wig?
    • A raw wig is a natural hair piece that is long, straight and full. It requires a custom cut from your stylist.

  • Synthetic vs. Real hair?
    • Human hair is the most natural, and can be cut, colored and curled to your desire. Human hair is very durable. It is like your own hair, but does not benefit from the scalp's oil production, so a human hair wig needs to be conditioned often. Human hair is always more expensive with origin of hair a major factor.

      Synthetic hair has come a long way in recent years. In some cases it is hard to tell the difference. What is most appealing is that it can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling. The fibers have a memory for wave, curl,and volume, it bounces back with little to no effort-no drooping or frizzing. The downside is that there is no versatility, it can not be styled to look any different. Only heat friendly synthetic hair is heat suitable.

      Synthetic hair is less durable and less expensive than human hair.

  • Can I wear my wig to bed?
    • It is a good idea to give your scalp at lest 12 hours a day to breathe, so we encourage sleeping au natural. We also encourage regular scalp treatments to help strengthen the hair follicles that are dormant.

  • How do I get the perfect fit?
    • Wearing a wig for the first time is very much like trying anything new. Think of your wig as a fashion accessory. Comfort begins with a good fit because everyone's head has a shape unique to that person. All wigs come with either Velcro or clips which allow you to adjust the cap to your comfort. Each wig has a hand knotted hairline featuring "new hair" growth that can be lightly teased and lifted for a completely natural looking hairline. During your consultation your artist will assist you with choosing the right wig for you.

  • How do I choose the right color?
    • In selecting your perfect color and to achieve natural harmony between your complexion tone, hair color and eye color, generally shades darker than your natural color will pale the face while shades significantly lighter than your natural color tend to wash out your complexion. As you age, slightly lighter shades will lift your complexion and brighten overall appearance. Our Artists will guide you in choosing the color right for you.

  • If I am receiving chemotherapy what are the recommended steps for dealing with hair loss?
    • Hair loss typically begins anywhere from 7 to 14 days after the initial treatment. Long hair tends to fallout quicker because of the weight. If you prefer a gradual approach, we recommend getting a shorter cut first, so you can ease into it.

  • Will my insurance company cover the cost of my wig?
    • Most insurance companies have a cranial prosthetics provision for wigs.

  • How do I transition into wearing my own hair again?
    • There is a very personal timeline attached to this question. Some women feel confident with a short pixie Mia Farrow cut which can occur in a few short months, while others will wear their wig for over a year until they feel more secure.

  • How long will my wig last?
    • The length of time that your wig will last is determined heavily by how you care for it.