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Insalon Onlocation Bridal
Girls Night Out



"I had an AMAZING time at my Wedding. I got so many compliments on my hair and makeup, and my day started out beautifully thanks to all of you guys at DePasquale. Thank you for making it such an easy and wonderful experience! You guys are absolutely top notch!"


As a future bride having her wedding and makeup trial, along with the billion other things I need to be done, it was really a decadent experience to sit for a couple of hours and dream about what I want to look like on my big day. This is the fun stuff! My hair stylist, Dolce, totally recreated the hairstyle from Pinterest that I loved, and my makeup artist, Cali, really listened and was willing to do whatever I wanted, with some good advice along the way. I'm really happy! I wanted to figure out a way to sleep standing up so I could make it last just ONE day longer, I didn't want to wash it all away that evening!


I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate how well you, Joia, Suheil, and Malti took care of me. I felt so comfortable and special. Everything was absolutely perfect - I cannot thank you enough again. Nail, hair, makeup all came out great! I cannot wait to get everything done again for the wedding!


I'll never let another team of ladies touch my hair or makeup again! Thank you to Cali and Stephanie for making me feel like an absolute princess on my day!


I am so thankful to the girls at Depasquale! I am so happy I went with your team!!! The wedding couldn't have been more perfect.


"The wedding went smoothly and beautifully.
The team of makeup artists and hairstylists
were superb! Wonderful, gifted people who
really wanted to make us happy and beautiful.
I was relaxed and enjoyed the moments
while they did all the work
and they handled it all professionally.
Thank you for setting up such a fine team for
Janna and me!"


everything that Rachel and London did.
They were perfect. Thank you so much for
everything that you have done so far
to help coordinate all of this.
I couldn't be happier. This is exactly
what I wanted and I'm so excited!
Thank you!!!"


"Everything went wonderfully. Erica and
Jessica were polished, professional, and
attentive. The end result was beautiful."


"Rachael and Jessica were wonderful!!! I loved my
hair and makeup and I got tons of compliments!"


"Charlotte and Suhliel were outstanding.
We were all so happy."


"Let me just start by saying how wonderful
it has been working with you to plan this
special afternoon for Kelly!
These small details, the fruit
and the champagne, will make the
afternoon even more special.
From the start I wanted our hair
and make up to be more than just
services we were getting done;
I wanted it to be an experience,
a chance to create memories.
Depasquale is doing just that for us
and I couldn’t feel more
lucky to be a part of the family."


DePasquale The Spa is an exclusive partner of The Westin Governor Morris. We are pleased to offer on location bridal services for your entire bridal party.